Rough Sleep

Over 130 Year 8 students from Richard Challoner School in New Malden, as well as thirty staff members, braved the elements to experience a ‘Rough Sleep’ within the school grounds last Friday.

Students are hopeful of exceeding last year’s astonishing £7,000 raised, which they have chosen to donate to Kingston charity, the Joel Community Trust. The event proved to be a huge learning experience for students who replicated the difficult conditions experienced by the homeless, and forms part of the PSHE learning to raise awareness about the serious problem of homelessness, locally and nationally.

Students undertook varied fundraising activities in their respective churches and family communities. Pre-event projects included sourcing and creating their own ‘Cardboard City’, as well as preparing their soup with all food for the event donated by Waitrose. Students were excited to have the event featured by Radio Jackie, including an interview with Head of Year 8, Mr Norton, who later commented: “It was a heart-warming and unforgettable event and we are hugely proud of the boys’ attitude and team spirit”.

This was the fifth event of its kind and proved to be not only thought-provoking, but particularly successful for students who usually find working alongside their peers, and in an unfamiliar environment, extremely challenging. Students who demonstrated exceptional commitment and went the extra mile in their team-building activities in the lead-up to the Rough Sleep, will be given an Award at a special assembly after the half term.

The students’ Blog provided up to date planning of the unique great event, as well as the invitation to sponsor.  For latest images, see the Galleries section of this website or the blog at: