New Malden Drama Teacher Bows Out at Rose Theatre

Last week we were proud to present our third annual Shakespeare production at the Rose Theatre in Kingston.

The famous play, ‘The Tempest’, featured Drama director Neil Zoladkiewicz in the lead role of Prospero the Magician with students from Years 8, 9 and 10 forming the cast. It was an appropriate choice of play as ‘The Tempest’ is Shakespeare’s final play and reputedly his farewell to the Theatre and Mr Zoladkiewicz will himself be retiring from the school in July after 33 years of service.

As well as teaching English at Richard Challoner, Mr Zoladkiewicz has established the Drama Department and a tradition of Shakespeare performances which will be continued by his successor Mr Leigh Norton, who was himself taught by Mr Zoladkiewicz!

The school boasts strong links with various theatre companies in Budapest, established by Mr Zoladkiewicz. Performers travel as a theatre company every February during half-term to perform two plays and run workshops.

Reflecting on his extensive range of productions at the school over the 33 years, Mr Zoladkiewicz said: “I feel honoured to be ‘bowing out’ at the Rose Theatre in a Shakespeare play and sharing the stage with such immensely talented young actors”.