Frankenstein – THIS WEEK! – See it if you dare!!!

Richard Challoner Theatre Company Presents

“Frankenstein – The Man Who Made A Monster”

A new version of Mary Shelley’s classic horror story.

The school celebrates 10 years of the Challoner Studio Theatre with a new production of the play which opened it: Neil Zoladkiewicz’s adaptation of Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’. This chilling and visually exciting drama also pays homage to James Whale, the British film director who created the classic 1930’s movie versions of the story and who died exactly 60 years ago. It features Drama students from Year 12, 11 and 10.

Victor Frankenstein is a young medical officer in World War One. At the end of the war, he returns home suffering from shell shock. Having seen so much death around him in the Trenches and haunted by the ghosts of soldiers he has treated, he decides to create life from death. He makes a Creature from corpses he has stolen from local graveyards and brings it to life…


Box Office now open on ParentPay.

Tickets also available on the door.

Performances end at approximately 9:30pm.

Written and Directed by Neil Zoladkiewicz

31st January – 2nd February 7:30pm

In the Studio Theatre

Adults £6
Children £3