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GoodNotes is a great app, but if you don’t organise your documents / notebooks, it can become very difficult to find what you need!

You will also need to do some ‘housekeeping’ and archive some of your old notebooks so you can access them at a later date for revision.

The following training videos take you through the following:

  • Automatic backup using Google Drive

  • Renaming of documents / notebooks

  • Organisation of documents / notebooks

  • Compiling documents into a notebook

All videos are also available on iTunesU. Please use this if you are having problems with the links on this page.

You can view one 6 minute video containing all of the above, or each section separately.



 Whole video with all sections


 Automatic backup using Google Drive


 Renaming of documents / notebooks


 Organisation of documents / notebooks


 Compiling documents into a notebook