Announcement :
A Level Exam Results will be available on Thursday 16th August, in "RC Documents" on Progresso from 7:30am. School will be open from 8:00am.

All terms of office are now for 4 years (unless stated).

Mrs Patricia O’Connell Foundation 16th August 2019
Mr Mark Draper Foundation 16th August 2019
VACANCY Foundation
Mr John Sabourin Foundation 16th August 2019
Mr Franco D’Agostino Foundation 2nd December 2019
Fr Kevan Hayden Foundation 16th August 2019
Mr Kevin Beatty Foundation 19th January 2020
Mr Mike Osborn Foundation 16th August 2019
Mr Francis Corrigan Foundation 6th January 2020
Mrs Monica Guntrip Foundation 16th August 2019
Mr Sean Maher ExOfficio / Headmaster
Mrs Nikki Cloudsdale Co-Opted 19th September 2019
Mr Joe Malden Staff 31st August 2018
Mr Neil D’Aguiar Staff 8th November 2017
Mr Owen Watters Parent 1st April 2020
Mrs Kathryn Newnham Parent 1st April 2020
Cllr David Fraser Local Representative 31st August 2019
Mr Sean Binns Co-Opted 19th September 2017
Mr Ian O’Brien Associate (2yr ) 19th September 2017
Mr Neil Henderson Associate (2 yrs) 19th September 2017
Mr R Baker Clerk to GB / Company Secretary Appointed by GB


The following additional people have served on the governing Body over the last 12 months.

  • Mr James Ellis (Foundation) resigned 31/7/16
  • Mr Ernest McDonald (Parent) resigned 31/3/16
  • Mr Hugh Perkins (Parent) resigned 31/3/16
  • Mr Hubert Staples resigned 31/3/16