Easter Greetings

At the beginning of Holy Week it is sometimes tempting to focus on the joy of Easter Sunday and ignore the difficult bits in between – Jesus’s passion and resurrection. However, the trials of the Lenten period before the resurrection are instructional to us both in a religious and a practical everyday sense.

At school, we often remind students that there are very few great achievements without sacrifice and endeavour. As parents, we often point out to our children that they should not take things for granted and if they are to get something they desire, then certain conditions or expectations have to be met beforehand.
It is immensely satisfying therefore, when I walk around school and drop into a lesson or pop into a rehearsal or watch a sports practice, to see time and time again students persevering (in some sense making sacrifice) to achieve their goals – academic, dramatic or sporting. They really are endeavouring to put into practice what we ask of them and I am constantly amazed and inspired by all that I witness from both students and staff.

As we approach the exam season, I know that students in Years 11–13 in particular will be sacrificing much to focus on their revision so that they can ultimately fulfil their goals and aspirations. Although I applaud this effort and know it is crucial to success, I would like to encourage everyone in our community to take time over Holy Week and the Easter holiday to reflect on the Easter story and the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for all of us.
I also hope that staff and students take time to step back from their work and spend time with their families and friends, recharge their batteries and come back eager and energetic in the new term.

With my prayers and best wishes for a happy and holy Easter.

Sean Maher – 21st March 2016