Opportunity and Challenge

At the start of the new school year there is always the tingle of excited anticipation in the air. What will the new year bring? What challenges will it present? What achievements will come?

As ever, the site team have done a fantastic job to ensure that the school is in tip top condition. The floors have been polished, the walls scrubbed clean and pitches have been cut and marked ready for the new season.

Similarly, the staff look refreshed and relaxed after their summer break and excitedly exchange stories about holidays whilst meeting, planning and preparing for the new school year.

Everything is in readiness for the students to arrive.

New students, like new teachers, are often slightly nervous about what to expect. Older heads gear themselves up for the journey knowing that the last few weeks before the Christmas are where the hard yards are done.

Of course, like any year, there are so many unknowns that can’t be prepared for other than by learning to be resilient and adaptable if a curve ball gets thrown in your direction.

For me though, approaching my 16th year at the chalk face, it is the opportunities that make me excited. Every new year abounds with opportunity for all of us to grow, to develop, to learn, to face new challenges and much more. I am always amazed at how many opportunities there are and how willingly students and staff embrace those opportunities.

Though the mood music around education at the moment is pretty bleak and morbid – financial crises, teacher recruitment crises, workload crises and a new Secretary of State which always presents a potential crises – I can’t help but be positive and enthusiastic about the year ahead, I can’t wait to see the school full of the buzz of busy students and the opportunities and challenges that we will embrace and share together.

If the first day for our new Year 7 is anything to go by, it could be a fantastic year!

Sean Maher
7th September 2016