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Won’t my son just be a target when travelling to and from school?

There is no evidence that a student iPad scheme has led to a rise in thefts / muggings etc. The reality is now, that iPads and iPhones running iOS8 are less of a target as Apple have implemented technology that prevents them being used by anyone else while there is an account attached to the device (see info on any phone recycling website such as this  Each device can also be tracked and disabled by the school if stolen.

What is the situation with using standard tools (e.g. MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint) as they require licensing?

These products can be used on the iPads, but equivalent software is also available on iPads, such as Pages, Numbers and Keynote. Students will have choice over which software package they can use. Students will still have access to PCs and we have a full range of Microsoft Office products, as well and other DTP and CAD packages that will still be used as appropriate. We believe it is good for students to experience a range of software, including different operating systems. Documents created on the iPad can be accessed and edited on a PC if necessary and vice versa.

Will my son be able to access his school user area from home?

Yes. We have a cross-platform solution to allow iPads, PCs and Macs to access files in their user areas and other network drives.

Will my son have to bring his iPad home every night?

Yes. He will need to take it home to charge it for the next day. It is also very likely he will have homework to complete that will require access to the iPad.

What happens if my son’s iPad is damaged, stops working or is stolen?

All these scenarios are covered under the extensive warranty and insurance policy that is included. There is a web-portal to submit details and the repair / replacement will be handled by our own ICT support department.

How will the iPads affect homework?

Although some homework tasks will not require the use of the iPad, an increasing number will be set via iPad apps that will allow students to review and complete work electronically.

Will my son spend all day staring at a screen?

No. iPads will be used to enhance the learning experience, but will not replace other important skills like writing, sketching and group discussions. iPads will be used where appropriate to enhance or extend a learning opportunity.

What about computer games?

Computer games, unless specifically related to an educational task (such as Manga High in Maths) will not be allowed in school. From September 2016, games cannot be installed on the iPads as students do not have access to the App Store.

We would strongly recommend you implement clear guidelines for use of the iPad at home (and any other computer-related device for that matter). Practical suggestions include:

  • The iPad should be charged downstairs (or out of the bedroom) every night. This could include a time curfew for this to happen.
  • Monitor use of the iPad with physical checks and regular conversations about what they are doing. Some of the creative use in school should provide a good talking point.
  • Limit use of the iPad over weekends and holidays and encourage them to engage in alternative activities.

How much storage will my son have access to?

From September 2017, the iPads themselves have 32Gb of memory, although students will be encouraged to store work on their school user areas (which has the advantage of being backed up several times every day) or Google Drive where there is significantly more capacity.

Will my son need access to home WiFi to access the apps?

Many of the apps will require WiFi access to update content from the Internet. However, there will be some apps (such as Explain Everything, iMovie, etc.) that will work without WiFi. To access user areas and homework tasks, WiFi will be necessary although we can discuss solutions if this is an issue.

Will my son be able to install his own apps?

From September 2016, students can only download approved apps from a school catalogue on the iPads. Students are able to make suggestions for inclusion and if approved, they will be made available to everyone.

What happens if my son leaves the school before the end of the scheme.

This will depend on a number of factors, including how far into the scheme your don is when he leaves. Please contact the Finance department and they will discuss this on an individual basis.