Richard Challoner Radio Club

We are a small club run within the learning support department, headed up by Mr Davies.

We aim to put out entertaining material in the form of a radio programme teaching the boys in the club presentational skills along with technical know-how.

Both teachers and pupils see this as a learning journey. We hope you enjoy our efforts!


Latest Podcast:

Richard Challoner Radio – Podcast 2

– Some interviews with Lower School boys on why so many are addicited to table tennis.
– Another spooky story written and performed by Jack Gray, this time set in the murky lanes of Victorian London
– The next instalment of the weird thoughts of our own Professor Du Boxer as he studies the behaviour of seagulls in the playground.

– More dubious jokes and wise cracks from our two presenters- Ruiari Hoskins and Conor Murtagh.

Thanks to Gabriel Wood for scripting the links, Sam Huntley Poole – interviewer for table tennis with Conor Murtagh; contributions and research- Santiago Vidal; the voice of Professor Du Boxer – Kieran Woodward;the voices
of Billy Bob and Alexander Anderson Ruiari Hoskins.

Producer- Mike Davies, Learning Support




Richard Challoner Radio – Podcast 1


Daniel Cunningham Radio Marsden Interview

Relegation Stugglers

The Fan Interview #2 – Arsenal – Mrs Evans

England vs San Mirino

The Fan Interview

2 Key Relegation Battles!

Manchester United continue league success!

Half Term Report

West Bromwich Albion vs Tottenham Hotspur

The music used on these podcasts comes from freesfx. We would like to acknowledge our thanks for this service. Other users can access this through the following link: