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To change your password on Progresso, you need to click on the forgot password link on the login screen or use the link below.

You must enter your username (NOT your email address). This was sent to you on an email. Try searching your email for ‘School Passwords’ if you cannot see it in your list. Once you have entered your username and clicked on Reset Password, you will be emailed a link that you can click on and change your password. The email can sometimes take a few minutes to arrive and will only work for 24 hours. You will need to request a new link after this time.

Your password must:

  • Be at least 6 characters long

  • Contain the following:

    • 1 upper case character (from A – Z)

    • 1 lower case character (from a – z)

    • 1 numerical character (from 0 – 9)

    • 1 special character (from @,#,$,(,),%,^,&,*)

In addition, password must NOT:

  • Have been used as previous 10 passwords

  • Contain your forename, surname or username

An example of a suitable password might be: @Chelsea1401

In this example:

@ is an easy special character to remember
Chelsea is the team you support
14 is your birthday date
01 is your year of birth

Obviously don’t just copy this method, but find a system that works for you!



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