Most of you will be very aware that our school council has served the school community for a number of years. Very recently, a decision was made to widen the remit of the council, taking our numbers from one representative in every year group to two pupils. This format has served the school well in the last two years, but even so, the current size of the council has led this year’s council to plan an altogether different way of ensuring that student voice plays its own part in helping to shape the future of the school.

In the last year or so, we have contributed our own ideas to support the development of:

  • ‘New-look’ PE and Games kits
  • The testing and use of Show My Homework in lessons
  • The reintroduction of the School Diary and subsequent implementation of the Contact Book

But we want to do more…

While we have grown in size and developed some fantastic facilities, the school now has just under 1000 pupils on roll and it seems unlikely that our current format of student representation is sufficient to support a school of our size.

To this end, we want to build a school council for the future years to come. With the support of our current Chair, Mr Brook, we have developed a concept for a large-scale School Parliament:

School Parliament

As the name suggests, parliament involves a much wider group of students than is currently involved. The concept is simple; 5 sub-committees, each with a different focus on an aspect of school life will be formed. Each committee is responsible for leading the development of new school-wide initiatives with the support of the core council. After lots of careful planning over the last term, we have decided that the Parliament should comprise of the following committees: Sports & Extra-Curricular, Well-Being, ICT Facilities, Maintenance and Learning & Teaching.

Each committee will link into our core parliament group – essentially our current school council  – and they will meet half termly to discuss any new initiatives, suggestions or developments within each area of focus. The core council will still have overall responsibility for making student-led decisions and will ultimately support the work of all the committee groups.

Do check this page regularly for updates from all of committees involved in Student Parliament and find out about new initiatives you can get involved in.

Parliament Members 2015/16

Minutes of last Core Council Meeting