Richard Challoner Sports Centre recently installed a superb UEFA Grade A 3G Astroturf 7v7 football pitch and it has been fully operational since late November 2013.

3G 1

Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri 5pm-10pm

Sat and Sun 12pm-9pm


Hire Costs:

PEAK TIMES = September – March (Winter Months)

OFF-PEAK TIMES = April – August (Summer Months)

Full pitch 7v7 = £100 per hour (PEAK) £70 per hour (OFF-PEAK)

1/2 Pitch = £50 per hour (PEAK) £35 per hour (OFF-PEAK)

5v5 Pitch = £40 per hour (PEAK) £25 per hour (OFF-PEAK)

3G 2

Pitch Layout / Dimensions

Full Size Pitch 7v7 = 51m x 31m

Half Pitch = 31m x 25.5m

1/3 Pitch = 15m x 30m (3 x 5-a-side pitches available)


Goal Size / Dimensions

7v7 Goals = 3.66m x 1.83m (12ft x 6ft)

5v5 Goals = 3m x 1m (10ft x 3.5ft)

3G 3

The area can be divided into 3 small 5-a-side pitches by pulling across the net curtain which is weighted at the top and bottom to avoid the divider blowing around in the wind.