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210-260 study guides Therefore, network security must have 210-260 study guides strong enough security 300-115 exam pdf protection measures to 210-260 study guides ensure the safety of network information, complete and available.However, few people know the 300-115 exam pdf definition of network 210-260 study guides security, and in 300-075 dumps nature, 300-075 dumps 300-115 exam pdf network security is the safety of information 300-075 dumps on the web, and refers to the network system is flowing 210-260 study guides and save data, 300-115 exam pdf not by accidental or malicious damage, leak, 210-260 study guides change, and the normal 300-115 exam pdf work of continuous 210-260 study guides systems, 210-260 study guides 210-260 study guides 300-075 dumps network services do it interrupt.Broadly speaking, 300-075 dumps which 210-260 study guides involves the privacy, 300-075 dumps integrity, and availability, authenticity and related technology and theory of 300-115 exam pdf network information is the network security to areas of research.Computer 300-115 exam pdf network security includes the following contents, such as the host and terminal 300-115 exam pdf data security, data 300-075 dumps security when data 300-115 exam pdf is flowing and data protection of the whole 210-260 study guides network.

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Welcome to Richard Challoner SchoolDSC_2372

Richard Challoner is a highly successful Catholic comprehensive school for boys aged 11-18, and girls aged 16-18, which has been serving the local Catholic community since 1959.

The school is a DfE designated Academy with Specialisms in Technology and Sports.  It is heavily oversubscribed, with four applicants for each place available. The school continues to grow and now has 1000 students on roll, including 260 in the Sixth Form, which is federated with Holy Cross School in New Malden.

At the heart of the school is its distinctive Catholic Ethos, which in turn is supported by the excellent relationships which exist between the staff and the students. A shared vision for the school is supported by the staff, students, parents and governors, which has created a very strong caring and cohesive community based on the Christian values of love, respect and compassion for others.

Mr S Maher – Headmaster

Headmaster's Blog

Relentlessly Reasonable

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It has been quite some time since I have put pen to paper to update my blog.  There are many reasons for this, but the most obvious is that it’s just not a priority amongst the multifarious tasks that fill up my weekly ‘to do’ list.  It feels a little self-indulgent to pen my...
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Education Is Holy

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Mr Webber led full school assembly a few weeks ago and something of what he said stayed with me.  He said, ‘…that when we learn, we have a richer experience of life.  I believe that our experience of being in the world is greater when we strive to understand it.  Our experience...
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It’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness

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One of the things I like to do as Head is to lead full school assembly at the start and end of each term. Consequently, I often get the first assembly in the New Year which either precedes or proceeds Epiphany. This was the case again this year. To ensure that I did not replicate...
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I’d beg if I had to…

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As the Headmaster of a Catholic School with Christmas looming large on the horizon, I want to write about the hope that the birth of Jesus Christ symbolises for the world. As well as talk about the message of peace and love that is embodied in the baby Jesus and how this is an...
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Tipping Point

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Introduction I wrote this blog piece at the beginning of October but decided not to post it for a number of reasons but mostly because I don’t believe that moaning gets the job done. When times are tough my mum and dad taught me to roll up my sleeves, get my head down and work...
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Opportunity and Challenge

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At the start of the new school year there is always the tingle of excited anticipation in the air. What will the new year bring? What challenges will it present? What achievements will come? As ever, the site team have done a fantastic job to ensure that the school is in tip top...
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Life Beyond The Classroom

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Having had a break from Challoner during my two year secondment to St John’s in Gravesend it has allowed me to come back this year and look at Challoner afresh.  This has been invaluable in helping me to appreciate the wide and diverse curriculum offer outside of the normal...
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Easter Greetings

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At the beginning of Holy Week it is sometimes tempting to focus on the joy of Easter Sunday and ignore the difficult bits in between – Jesus’s passion and resurrection. However, the trials of the Lenten period before the resurrection are instructional to us both in a religious...
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Focus on the Here and Now

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As I sipped tea in my study at home during half-term reflecting on what has gone well this year and what we hope to do in the future I was slightly startled to realise that we are now well over half-way through the academic year. This realisation reminded me that while we are...
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