Richard Challoner School

COVID 19 - Arrangements for Remote Learning

A range of possible scenarios, a range of possible solutions...

In putting together our plans for minimising the ongoing impact of the pandemic, we have taken into account a range of different scenarios. For each of these scenarios, we are seeking to strike a balance between making sure the plans are manageable for staff and meaningful for students. Please see below an overview of these plans.

Scenario Expectations
Individual student(s) isolating at home...
  • Students should check Satchel One (Show My Homework) and Showbie daily for work.
  • This work may mirror exactly the work being completed in school or may be adapted by the class teacher as appropriate.
  • Students should upload completed work to Showbie for review by their class teacher.
  • Where appropriate, it may be possible and appropriate for isolating students to join lessons/ lesson segments via zoom.
  • KS4 and KS5 students should be reminded that there is always work to do! Past papers, revision cards, concept maps... all students in years 10-13 should know the best activities to fill their time.
  • Where students are not well enough to engage fully, they are encouraged to do their best, but not worry if this is not possible!
Individual member(s) of staff isolating at home, but ‘healthy’...
  • The absent teacher will set work (via Satchel One/ Showbie) and the class will be covered by another teacher
  • The absent teacher will endeavour to be available remotely during the timetabled lesson for live interaction with the class to support them with completing the cover work, e.g. via zoom, showbie or other live communication tools (Note – the frequency and specific nature of this support will vary depending on the personal circumstances of individual members of staff)
  • Depending on the length of the isolation period, subject-specialist input may be provided to key teaching groups by other members of the subject team.
Individual member(s) of staff isolating at home, and unwell
  • Colleagues within the subject team will set work and the class will be covered by another teacher
  • Subject-specialist input may be provided to key teaching groups by other members of the subject team.
Whole class(es)/ year cluster(s)/ school working at home...
  • Students will be expected to follow their usual school timetable
  • Morning registration will take place via Zoom
  • High-quality home-learning tasks will be set via Satchel One, drawing on a range of remote learning strategies.
  • ‘Live contact’ will take place during timetabled lessons using various platforms as determined by the class teacher
  • Students will submit work via Showbie.

NB - should you have further queries as to what will happen in the event of a full school closure or an entire year group working from home, please see HERE for more detail.



























Q) We don’t have internet access at home. How will my son/ daughter be able to access home learning resources?
Please use contact Mr Henderson using this contact form. Just as we did during previous periods of school closure, we can support families with securing reliable internet access.

Q) Why can’t my son’s/daughter’s teacher provide him/her directly with personalised work or zoom lessons while they are isolating?
For as long as we have a majority of students in school, we will ask teachers to prioritise planning high-quality lessons to deliver in school. It is simply not feasible to ask teachers to maintain their high standards in school while simultaneously planning remote lessons for the few individuals not in school. However, teachers will of course be tuned-in to the importance of making sure students are not disadvantaged by having to isolate.

Q) When my son/daughter returns to school after isolating, will they be given additional after-school catch-up support?
No. They will, of course, be welcomed back by their teachers who will support them to ensure they are able to slot back in alongside their peers. Of course, teachers will be mindful of making sure that students who have been learning at home (or who have missed learning due to illness) are not disadvantaged, but this will typically take place through dynamic, responsive teaching in lessons, and targeted support where they deem it necessary.

Q) What do you mean by ‘live contact’?
Our staff are able to draw on a range of digital teaching and learning strategies to support effective remote learning, based partly on our own experiences during lockdown, learning from other schools, and taking into account the best available evidence in relation to distance learning. The specific strategies used by individual teachers will vary depending on the intended impact, but will include using things like Showbie for live individual and group discussion, Zoom for setting-up a task or for reviewing some aspect of the work, and various G-suite apps for remote collaboration. We continue to be very clear that we will not advocate for teachers to simply schedule ‘live lessons’ (using Zoom, for example) without careful consideration as to the intended outcome: there are a number of compelling reasons why alternative approaches (e.g. using pre-recorded materials) are arguably better for teaching new material. ‘Live contact’ certainly has great value, but securing that value requires more nuance than simply running the school timetable on Zoom!