Richard Challoner School

Basic Equipment

Please see below for details of basic equipment that can be bought from the Finance Office before school or at morning break...

Item Price
BiC® Purple Round Stic Grip Ballpoint 25p
Staedtler HB Pencil 10p
BiC® Medium Pen - Red 20p
BiC® Medium Pen - Black 20p
BiC® Medium Pen - Blue 20p
Staedtler Noris Eraser 40p
Metal Compass 25p
Protractor 10p
30cm Ruler 15p
15cm Ruler 15p
Medium Glue Stick 50p
Pencil Sharpener (value) 10p
Pencil Sharpener (enclosed) 60p
Pencil Case £1
Coloured Pencils (pack of 12) £1
Calculator Casio fx-85GTX £8.50
iPad Stylus 30p
Highlighter (various colours) 35p