Year 7

Richard Challoner School will admit 150 boys to Year 7, without reference to ability or aptitude. The places will be offered according to the criteria set out in the school’s Admissions Policy.

All applicants must:

  • submit the Common Application Form (CAF) to their Local Authority
  • submit the Richard Challoner School Supplementary Information Forms (SIF) to the school – Supplementary Form A and, where applicable, Supplementary Form B (Priest Reference Form)

Full details are provided in the school’s Admissions Policy, which should be referred to before completing the appropriate forms.

In Year Applications (Years 8 to 11)

Applications for admission to other years (8-11) may be made at any time using the school’s Supplementary Information Forms. An application must also be made to your Local Authority. Please note that all years are currently oversubscribed and have waiting lists.

Please see our Admissions documents below or use the Admissions Queries form for more information...

Please note that the documents for 2022 are proposed at this stage and subject to final determination.

Please contact the Admissions Officer.