Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Richard Challoner School firmly believes that each pupil should be given equality of opportunity to achieve their full potential – spiritually, academically and socially – by recognising the uniqueness of each individual and providing a rich and varied learning experience for all. Each pupil, regardless of their ability, is entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum which is relevant to his educational needs. Richard Challoner is committed to providing, for all pupils, the best possible environment for learning and to offer a curriculum that gives all pupils a sense of achievement and thereby helps them to develop confidence and self-esteem.

Richard Challoner will have due regard for the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice (CoP) when carrying out our duties towards all pupils with SEN and ensure that parents are notified when SEN provision is being made for their child.

Whether you are a prospective parent or existing parent, please do take the time to find out about our current School Offer as well as some information about how pupils are supported at Richard Challoner School.

We have been working behind the scenes to prepare information and resources to answer any questions you might have about SEND at Richard Challoner School.  We hope these videos answer some of your questions.  Look out for our Virtual SEND Tours over the coming weeks and months