Richard Challoner School

Wider Curriculum Opportunities

Please see the table below for details of wider curriculum opportunities currently being offered...

Name of Club / Opportunity Day Time Place Year Group Teacher i/c
Science Club Monday 3:20-4:20pm Labs 5, 6 & 7 7-9 Mr Araim
Book Club Monday 3:20-4:20pm LRC 7-9 Miss Glassett
Geography Club Monday 3:20-4:20pm Geography 1 7 & 8 Miss Jones
Careers Drop-In Monday 3:20-4:20pm Careers Office 11 Mrs Stansbridge
Debating Club Tuesday 1:05-1:40pm Politics 1 7-13 Mr O'Neill
Chess Club Tuesday 3:20-4:20pm Maths 4 7-13 Mr Bardsley
Art Club Wednesday 3:20-4:20pm Art 1

9-11 (invited students)

7 & 8 after October Half-term

Mr Bailey
STEM Club Wednesday 3:20-4:20pm DT 1 7-9 Mr Norton
Charities Team Wednesday Afternoons BE 1 12 & 13 Mr D'Aguiar
Computer Science Club Wednesday 3:20-4:20pm CS 1 7-11 Mr Zapata
Diversity Group Wednesday 1:05-1:40pm MFL 2 7-13 Miss Parkinson
Environmental Ambassadors Thursday 3:20-4:20pm Dance Studio 7-13 Miss Durdle
Maths On Screen Thursday 1:05-1:40pm Maths 3 7-11 Miss Thompson
Maths Club TBC 3:20-4:20pm Maths 6 7-13 Mrs Mennis
Enterprise Thursday 3:20-4:20pm Hall 2 7-13 Mrs Stansbridge
Animation Club Thursday 1:05-1:40pm Art 3 7-9 Mrs Coll
Morning Mass Friday 8:10am Chapel 7-13 Mr D'Aguiar
Drama Club Friday 3:20-4:00pm Drama Department 7-9 Mr Norton & Miss Durdle
Bridge Club Friday 3:20-4:20pm Lab 4 7-13 Miss Williams
Computer Science Club Friday 3:20-4:20pm CS 1 10-13 Mr Zapata
History Club Friday 1:05-1:40pm History 2 7 & 8 Mr Moulder
Homework Club Monday-Friday 3:20-4:20pm Learning Support 7-13 Mr Gooud & LSAs
Board Games TBC 1:05-1:40pm Maths Block 7-13 Mr Jones
International Partnership Team TBC       Mr D'Aguiar
Cookery TBC   FT 1 & FT 2   Mrs McDonald & Mrs Lepore
Drama Productions and Musicals Rehearsals following auditions as advertised Mr Norton & Miss Durdle
English Support Invite only Mrs Cheema
Duke of Edinburgh Award   Miss Jones
Supported Study Monday - Friday 3:20-4:20pm LS 2 7-13 Learning Support Dept
Quiet Study Monday-Friday 3:20-4:20pm LS 1 7-13 Learning Support Dept
Learning Support Morning Club Tuesday-Friday 8:00-8:30am LS 2 7-13 Learning Support Dept
Learning Support Break Club Monday-Friday 11:15-11:30am LS 2 7-13 Learning Support Dept
Learning Support Lunch Club Monday-Friday 1:05-1:40pm LS 2 7-13 Learning Support Dept