Richard Challoner School

Honoury Alderman David Fraser MBE

On Thursday 20th January senior staff and governors attended the funeral of David Fraser at St. John the Baptist Church, Old Malden. David passed away after a short illness just before Christmas.

David had been a member of the school’s Governing Body since the 1980s before stepping down a few years ago. He was a great advocate for Richard Challoner School in the local community and was incredibly generous with his time and energy in supporting the school over many years.

David was a very gentle and kind man who always looked for the best in people. He was always willing to lend a hand or offer words of wisdom and support and he will be greatly missed by many of us who remember him in the school community.

Below, he is remembered by our School Chaplain, Mr Neil D’Aguiar:

David had an amazing ability to look out for, and help those in need. His influence on our school will live on for many years to come. It was David who first suggested to us, just over 10 years ago, that we might like to host an event for the local Arthritis Care and Blind Association. He liaised between us and the groups, help organise transport, and help establish one of the charitable highlights of our year – our Afternoon Tea and Entertainment Afternoon. In a manner that was characteristic of David, he was always present in the background at the events, singing the praises of our staff and students, whilst looking for no recognition for his own efforts and hard work.

David and I were only ever in contact a few times a year – but I will never forget the kindness he showed in writing me a personal letter and get well card – when I was off sick for a few months and missed the Afternoon Tea one year. He had this knack of simultaneously making you feel special and valued while helping you realise the potential impact in helping other people. He continued this work through the global pandemic helping us identify local residents in need – and despite being in a vulnerable category was out in the community at the service of others.

David will be sorely missed but his influence on me will continue for a long time.

We pass on our condolences to Phyllis and all his family. May he rest in the peace and love of God.