Richard Challoner School

House Art 2021

The competition and other activities will take place on Wednesday 3rd November 3.30pm-5.30pm in the main school hall.

As you are hopefully aware the school runs a House Art evening and competition every year in October. Last year due to the pandemic we were only able to run this for Year 7, but thankfully this year the whole school community will be able to come together again.

The House competition will involve each house having a mystery box and working in teams to create a work in the time available, and is the first Super Six event of the year. While this is happening there will be other things on offer such as origami, doodling and other creative activities. Every year students from all year groups come together and the afternoon is always a nice occasion & celebration so please encourage your son or daughter to attend.

Art is for everyone, and we hope to see as many students as possible.