Richard Challoner School

Kirsty Merriman (née English) 1976-2023

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our friend and former colleague, Kirsty Merriman (née English) who very sadly passed away last week in Northern Ireland where she lived with her family.

Kirsty English as you will remember her, was a Maths teacher at Richard Challoner in the early 2000s. Her story can be read here and Mrs Nikki Cloudsdale shares fond memories of her below...

Kirsty was an amazing and memorable lady.  She was committed to everything, sports day, maths teaching, tutor groups. She lit up every room she entered.  She was in the maths department for 3 years from 2001 to 2004 and she made her mark in many of our memories.  Her enthusiasm radiated everything she did.  I genuinely have many memories of her, and can visualise her teaching in the maths classrooms that were called Rooms 8, 9 and 10, now called MFL 1- 3 and then in the current maths block once that opened in 2002.  One memory of her was regarding coursework.  At that time there was maths coursework marked by teachers, and she had a pile of 30 to mark.  She was that person who did two a day for a few weeks, committed to this and completed it, rather than leaving it to do all at once.  I remember that she delayed going home one day to complete her 2 candidates marking.  

Her commitment to a cause continued after her initial cancer diagnosis as she did many challenges to raise money for families affected by cancer, including a swim in the ocean every day in Bangor in April.  An inspiration to us all, I am sure.

She left us to go to Malaysia, as her then partner and subsequently husband built tunnels and that was where the work was!  She continued teaching maths.  Then she left to go back home to Northern Ireland, having twins and another son. 

With love to her and her family at this sad time.  May you find the love of God in the darkness of these days.