Richard Challoner School

Michael John (1952-2023)

It was with great sadness that we learnt today of the passing of a very popular former teacher – Mr Michael (Mickey) John.

After a long and heroic battle with cancer, Mickey finally succumbed. He leaves behind many fond and funny memories from the many school trips and events Mickey participated in. Our prayers are with all of Mickey's family including his wife Sue at this very difficult time. We have included here a picture of Mickey and the write-up for Chalk & Talk on his retirement. May he rest in the peace and love of God. ...

Mr Michael John, known fondly around school as Mickey, has been with us since 1989, originally joining the staff as a teacher of Pre-Vocational studies and Careers as well as Games and some I.T. Mr John’s warm personality and cheerful outlook on life makes him a popular person with both staff and students. He brought a vast amount of experience to Challoner, which he accumulated during his pro football days when he achieved success at District, County and National levels, donating to the PE department when he retired this year, his Welsh Boy International shirt. He also attended many trips and Mr D’Agostino, a good friend of Mr John’s recalls ‘he even dabbled in Ice skating – trying to emulate Torville & Dean on occasions. On a memorable staff ski trip to Cervinia Mick would always arrive at the rest point last and just as he stopped we would all start again.  After a few sessions of this, a rather red-faced Mick said I think I need to speed up if I am going to get any rest on this trip.  So he learned a very valuable lesson “get to the rest stop early if you want a breather.” We wish him all the best in his retirement and know he will enjoy being free to travel more with his family to his home in Portugal.