Wellbeing and Pastoral Care

At Richard Challoner School we take supporting the wellbeing of others and building resilience very seriously. We recognise that today’s teenagers face an increasingly complex and challenging world. The constant pressure of social networking in particular can present numerous pressures for young people and we seek as a school to empower children to manage this healthily in our Christian community.

Students are supported by their form tutor who registers them at the start of morning and afternoon lessons each day. Each year group is led by an experienced Head of Year who in turn is led by a Head of Key Stage. In the first instance concerns should be discussed with their form tutor or if more pressing to their Year Leader who will know the best place to refer on to if necessary.

Head of Pastoral Support Key Stages 3 and 4 – Mr M Cox
Year 7 – Mr A Norton
Year 8 – Mr S Gregory
Year 9 – Mr N Mander
Year 10 – Mr R Stansbridge
Year 11 – Mr K McKenna

Head of Key Stage 5 – Mrs Verdin
Year 12 – Mr B O’Neill
Year 13 – Mr T Woodcock

Senior Teacher – Mrs Southall

Lay Chaplain – Mr D’Aguiar

If a child has any concerns, they are encouraged to speak to their form tutors in the first instance but are always welcome to speak to any member of staff or their Year Leader for more pressing matters.

If you have concerns about your child, or someone else’s child, please get in touch with the school office, through the school website, call on 020 8330 5947 and they will direct you, respecting your confidentiality, to the correct person for your enquiry or email safeguarding@challoner.kingston.sch.uk

As a school we either employ or have contacts to many different professionals who can support you and your children in the best manner possible. We can also offer advice on how to access support services externally if you feel that would be of more benefit to you.