Xavier Centre Aims

The aims of the Post 16 provision are:

  • To provide an environment where students with Moderate Learning Needs feel supported and encouraged to be prepared for working life or further education.
  • To promote independence, resilience and life skills whilst continuing to work towards Entry Level qualifications in English, Maths and ICT.
  • To provide support as a “stepping stone” between school and college and/or supported employment which will enable students to reach their own full potential beyond Post 16.
  • To ensure that students are supported in becoming independent young people who are able to contribute to the wider community.
  • To promote mutual respect and cooperation with society, family and peers.
  • To raise the students’ self-awareness and help them to focus on their strengths so that they can develop strategies for coping with their on-going difficulties.
  • To support students with their independent travelling needs to various locations.