Richard Challoner School

General Facilities (Test Page)

Main Hall

  • Ideal space for parties, family celebrations, ceremonies, weddings and special shows.
  • Main hall features dining space for 200 guests and a buffet.
  • Partitioned dining area allows for further dining of 100 guests.
  • Optional stage area for decorations, photography or a band.
  • Adjoining dressing rooms from the stage.
  • For shows, musicals and awards ceremonies, the main hall with the adjoining dining hall can seat up to 450 guests.
  • The Hall can also accommodate exams, dance classes, and performances.
  • Impressive lighting technology, upon request.
  • OHP also available upon request.
  • Hearing Induction Loop installed.

Main Hall, is charged from £45 per hour.  The stage and dining areas have a separate hire fee.


Drama Studio

  • Large performing area, with stage wings.
  • Suitable for performances, dance shows and even dance classes.
  • Comfortable tiered seating, accommodates 120 people, with 114 tiered seats plus an optional 6 chairs.
  • Adjoining dressing rooms.
  • For guests, there is also a side entrance to Drama studio from car park.
  • Lighting and sound support available, upon request.

From £40 per hour.


Dance Studio

  • A spacious studio for dance, Pilates, exercise, and martial arts for young people and adults.
  • Features a sprung floor.
  • Ballet barres.
  • Floor to ceiling mirrors.
  • Air-conditioned.
  • Suitable for evening and weekend hire and can be combined with a second space for more classes.

From £40 per hour.


Mezzanine Lounge

  • Stylish and spacious lounge.
  • Very casual space for book clubs, WI, small get togethers.
  • Informal seating.
  • Also suitable for smaller local, community meetings.
  • Use separately or to overlook the main hall.
  • Counter for serving refreshments.

From £45 per hour.

Hall 2

  • A fantastic addition to our school, featuring space for musical performances, exams, book clubs, churches, and more.
  • A professional, very bright space, currently used to host local Council Meetings.
  • It can accommodate up to 90 exam desks and 150 seated guests.
  • Wheelchair access is provided via a lift.

Main Hall, is charged rom £45 per hour.  The stage and dining are an additional rate.


Classroom Hire

  • Spacious classrooms suitable for Saturday/Evening Schools as well as exams.
  • Electronic and classic whiteboards throughout.
  • Our staff have more than 10 years experienced in supporting a Saturday school a performing arts school and National exams.

From £23 per hour for two rooms or more


Food Technology

  • Modern Food and Design Technology classroom with capacity for 8 cooking stations.
  • Regular hire for adult cooking classes in the evening.
  • Also suitable for one-off events, such as cheese-making or cake design.


To ensure the smooth running of any event, staff charges will be calculated to include set up, security, and cleaning and will vary based upon the number of guests.