Richard Challoner School

Xavier Centre Therapies and Interventions

Occupational Therapy – Sandra Newberry (Working at Richard Challoner School on Monday & Tuesday)

Delivers a weekly movement group run for all students in the Xavier Centre which addresses core and postural stability, shoulder stability, motor planning and balance. 

Delivers a fine motor skills intervention to support fine motor skills such as tying shoe laces and apron strings. 

Provides advice and support to Xavier Centre staff to meet the needs of the students. 


Speech and Language Therapy – Julie Ball (Working at The Xavier Centre on Thursday)

Delivers 1:1 and small group interventions to support students with their communication, language and speech skills. 

Provides advice and support to Xavier Centre staff to be able to further support the students to generalise the skills they have learnt. 

Work with young people to ensure they are: 

  • listened to and people hear what they have to say
  • safe and their needs are understood
  • ambitious and others are ambitious for them
  • as healthy as they can be 
  • as independent as possible


Precision Teaching 

A method of teaching to meet the needs of an individual child or young person who is experiencing difficulty with acquiring a specific skill. 

Examples include: reading or spelling high frequency words; number bonds; times tables.


Lexia Literacy Power Up 

Lexia is an online program that enables students of all ages and abilities to master essential reading skills. 

It can be use both in school an at home. 

Interventions are delivered by school staff during reading lessons to support areas that need additional work.