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  • 06/12/23

    Ways to Stay Merry This Christmas

    Busted Halo posts some helpful advice as we move through advent
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  • 05/12/23

    What do the liturgical colours of Advent signify?

    GetFed post an explanation of advent
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  • 04/12/23

    The Gestation Of Advent

    Emma Malloy posts a helpful reflection on CatholicLink
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  • 01/12/23

    The Early Life of Mary

    GetFed posts some helpful insights into Mary's early life
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  • 30/11/23

    What is the St. Andrew’s Novena?

    GetFed posts a helpful insight into this prayer tradition
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  • 29/11/23

    Pope meets with priests, families to confront poverty, social marginalization

    Matthew Santucci posts on the CNA about the Pope's recent meeting
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  • 28/11/23

    Why do we celebrate the feast of Christ the King of the Universe?

    GetFed posts a helpful reflection 
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  • 27/11/23

    World Youth Sunday

    CYMFED posts resources and reflections for World Youth Sunday
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  • 24/11/23

    Did You Know Know These 3 Scientists Were Catholic?

    Lisa Glenn posts a helpful insight on CatholicLink
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  • 23/11/23

    Choosing to live gratefully

    Randy Hain posts a useful reflection on Integrated Catholic Life
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  • 22/11/23

    Is a cloistered nun still ‘useful’ today?

    Andres Henriquez posts a helpful insight on the CNA
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  • 21/11/23

    Guess That Saint!

    Becky Roach posts this amusing link on CatholicLink
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