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  • 29/04/24

    Prayers for studying and exams

    The Jesuit Resource Centre has a number of useful prayers to keep to hand
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  • 24/05/24

    The Art of Prayer?

    Deacon Mark Danis posts on Integrated Catholic Life about develop the art of your prayer
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  • 23/05/24

    Distracted before communion? Try this!

    GetFed posts some helpful tips about Communion time
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  • 22/05/24

    Things to know and share about Fátima

    Jimmy Akin posts a helpful reflection on the CNA
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  • 21/05/24

    We Are On A Mission From the Lord

    Deacon Michael Bickerstaff posts a helpful reflection on IntegratedCatholicLife 
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  • 20/05/24

    Ideas To Help Kids Become Pentecost People

    Claudia Cangilla McAdam posts on CatholicLink with some family ideas for Pentecost
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  • 17/05/24

    How to engage with homilies at Mass

    GetFed posts about ideas about how to engage with homilies
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  • 16/05/24

    We need to ‘welcome God into our daily lives’ and pray for ‘real peace’

    Kristina Millare posts on the CNA about Pope Francis' recent comments
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  • 15/05/24

    Why Do We "Practice" the Faith?

    David G. Bonagura Jr. posts on the CERC about why the faith is a practice
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  • 14/05/24

    Pope Francis tells world’s parish priests: The Church could not go on without you

    Courtney Mares posts on the CNA about Pope Francis' recent comments
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  • 13/05/24

    Our Lady of Guadalupe

    Phil Lawler posts on the CERC about the background to Our Lady of Guadalupe
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  • 10/05/24

    Which female saints has the Church declared “doctors”?

    GetFed posts a useful and informative reflection about the female doctors of the church
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