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  • 02/04/20

    A Beautiful Idea for Palm Sunday

    Deacon Greg shares an idea for us to do on Palm Sunday:
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  • 01/04/20

    Mass Resources For Kids (When Attending Mass Isn’t Possible)

    Lacy posts some very useful resources for Mass with kids:
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  • 31/03/20

    This Lent Is a Forced Time Out

    Christina Antus posts a reflection about Lent this year on BustedHalo:
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  • 30/03/20

    Pope Francis calls Catholics to say 'yes' to vocations

    Courtney Mares posts on CNA about Pope Francis recent comments:
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  • 29/03/20

    “We need the Lord, like ancient navigators needed the stars,” “Let us invite Jesus into the boats of our lives.

    Hannah Brockhaus posts about Pope Francis' prayer for the world:
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  • 28/03/20

    Rededication of the Country to Our Lady

    Behold2020 has been set up as a guide to the redication of the country to Our Lady:
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  • 27/03/20

    Consoling Words From Our Blessed Mother

    Whitney Hetzel posts a reflection from Our Lady on GetFed:
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  • 26/03/20

    Pope Francis expressed his “hope in humanity”

    The CNA carries Pope Francis' recent message of "hope in humanity":
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  • 25/03/20

    When All Creation Held its Breath

    Deacon Michael Bickerstaff writes on IntegratedCatholicLife about the Annunciation:
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  • 24/03/20

    Prayer For Epidemics

    Genevieve Cunningham posts on GetFed the Prayer for Epidemics:
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  • 23/03/20

    Pope Francis makes walking pilgrimage to pray for the world

    Hannah Brockhaus posts on CNA about Pope Franic's recent walking pilgrimage:
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  • 20/03/20

    People Turning To Little Known Catholic Saint During Coronavirus Pandemic

    Ryan Scheel posts on uCatholic about St Corona:
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