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  • 21/07/20

    Things To Do When Having A Bad Day

    Andrew Rubinich posts a helpful reflection on CatholicLink
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  • 17/07/20

    Lourdes offers digital pilgrimage

    Courtney Mares posts on the CNA about the digital pilgrimage offered by the shrine at Lourdes
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  • 16/07/20

    The Southwark UK Catholic School Blessing

    The Archdiocese of Southwark Education Commission has released "The Blessing" for all our Communities.
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  • 15/07/20

    The Faith of Hamilton - and "Hamilton"

    Deacon Greg posts on TheDeaconsBench a insightful reflection on Hamilton
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  • 14/07/20

    ‘If we want, we can become good soil’

    The CNA posts about Pope Francis' reminder to us
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  • 13/07/20

    7 Things God Wants You to Remember When Life Gets Hard

    Lesli White posts a helpful reflection on BeliefNet
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  • 12/07/20

    Parable of the Sower

    Mark Danis posts on IntergratedCatholicLife a refleciton on the Parable of the Sower, today's Gospel
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  • 11/07/20

    Pope Francis calls on Christians to recognize the face of Christ

    Courtney Mares posts on the CNA about Pope Francis' recent comments
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  • 10/07/20

    Finding God's Will for You

    Marie Anne Torres posts on Salt&LightTV some lessons from St Francis de Sales Book
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  • 09/07/20

    God Is Always Waiting for Us

    Fr Dave Pivonka posts a lovely reflection on Minute Meditations
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  • 08/07/20

    Your Life’s Purpose

    Phillip Rolfes posts a lovely reflection on uCatholic about repentance
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  • 07/07/20

    Media Ministries to Nourish Your Soul

    Daniel Imwalle & Christopher Hefforn post a helpful list on Franciscan Media.
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