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  • 15/10/21

    A girl asked an archbishop why God allows disabilities. Here’s his response.

    Kate Yoder posts about an interesting encounter between a young girl and an Archbishop
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  • 14/10/21

    9 simple ways to live Laudato Si'

    Marie Anne Torres posts on Salt&LightTV some helpful tips for living in the light of Laudato Si
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  • 13/10/21

    True freedom flows from the Cross of Christ

    Courtney Mares posts on the CNA about Pope Francis' recent comments.
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  • 12/10/21

    Praying the rosary for the care of creation

    CAFOD post a reflection on a special prayer intention for the Rosary this month
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  • 11/10/21

    Why October is the month of the Rosary

    Alejandro Bermudez posts on the CNA about the Roasry and October
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  • 08/10/21

    Mass Appeal: How the Liturgy Speaks to Our Five Senses

    Dolores Smyth posts on Busted Halo about the appealing nature of Mass
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  • 07/10/21

    ‘It is Christ, with his grace, who makes us just’

    The CNA post about Pope Francis' recent comments
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  • 06/10/21

    The first anniversary of Fratelli Tutti

    CAFOD post about the anniversary and legacy of Fratelli Tutti
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  • 05/10/21

    Pope Francis' Prayer Intention for October - Missionary Disciples

    The Pope's Prayer post Pope Francis' prayer intention for October
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  • 04/10/21

    5 Things You May Not Know about St Francis of Assisi

    On today's feast of St Francis of Assisi - a guest post by Jon Sweeney on Deacon's Bench
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  • 01/10/21

    10 JPII Quotes to Inspire

    Rachel Penate posts on LifeTeen with some inspirational quotes from St Pope John Paul II
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  • 30/09/21

    Life is so busy. How can I find time to pray?

    GetFed posts a helpful reflection on a common problem
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