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  • 26/01/22

    Pope Francis declares St. Irenaeus ‘Doctor of Unity’

    Courtney Mares posts on the CNA about St Irenaeus' new title
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  • 25/01/22

    The power of contemplation

    Jenny Hayward-Jones posts a reflection on CAFOD
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  • 24/01/22

    Pope Francis to confer new lay ministries for first time

    Courtney Mares posts on the CNA about the new ministries of Acolyte & Lector
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  • 21/01/22

    Pope Francis prays for workers ‘crushed by an unbearable burden’

    The CNA posts about Pope Francis' recent prayer request
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  • 20/01/22

    Bible in a Year: Have you heard about Father Mike Schmitz's next project?

    Shannon Mullen posts on the CNA about Fr Mike Schmitz's project
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  • 19/01/22

    “Afraid Young People” Need “Spiritual Fatherhood” Says Pope Francis

    uCatholic posts about Pope Francis' recent comments.
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  • 18/01/22

    How Do You Pray The Angelus?

    Silvana Ramos posts a helpful visual guide on CatholicLink
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  • 17/01/22

    Mom says son’s impromptu encounter with Pope Francis led to ‘miracle’

    The CNA posts about a moving story
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  • 14/01/22

    What do we mean when we call someone a “mystic”?

    GetFed posts an explanation of mystics
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  • 13/01/22

    10 heroic Catholic stories from 2021

    Autumn Jones posts on the CNA about some of their most heroic stories from 2021.
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  • 12/01/22

    What’s in a name?

    GetFed posts a reflection about the last week's Feast of the Most Holy Name of Jesus. 
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  • 11/01/22

    Pope Francis: God wants to live with us and in us

    The CNA post about Pope Francis' recent comments
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