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  • 25/11/20

    What does it mean to be a priest?

    Deacon Greg posts on Deacon's Bench about the priesthood.
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  • 24/11/20

    3 Ways God Reveals Himself to Me Through My Young Children

    Elizabeth Bundy posts on BustedHalo a lovely reflection about her young children
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  • 23/11/20

    Message to Schools

    Archbishop John Wilson posts a video to all schools in Southwark
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  • 20/11/20

    How Can We Pray The Rosary Better?

    Drew and Katie Taylor post some helpful tips to CatholicLink
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  • 19/11/20

    Prepare to meet the Lord with good deeds inspired by His love

    Courtney Mares posts on the CNA about Pope Francis' recent message
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  • 18/11/20

    How to Pray in the Storm

    Joannie Watson posts a reflection on Intergrated Catholic Life
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  • 17/11/20

    World Day of the Poor

    Msgr Pierre Cibambo posts a reflection on Caritas International 
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  • 16/11/20

    What (Autumn) fall teaches us about letting go

    Louisa Florentin posts a timely reflection on Salt&LightTV
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  • 13/11/20

    Saints of the Sidelines: The Lesser-Known Heroes of the Church

    Estafania Garcia posts on Busted Halo about some lesser known people of the Church
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  • 12/11/20

    Consistent prayer strengthens us in times of tribulation

    The CNA posts about Pope Francis' recent reminder about Prayer
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  • 11/11/20

    The Sign of the Cross

    Drew and Katie Taylor post on CatholicLink about the Sign of the Cross
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  • 10/11/20

    Pope Francis' Prayer Intention for November

    Vatican News carries Pope Francis' Prayer Intention for November
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