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Morning Prayers

Summer 2023 – Week 7 - 5th to 9th June 

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Dates of Interest this week

  • 1st to 30th June – Pride Month (info)
  • 1st to 7th June – Volunteers Week (info)
  • 4th June – Sunday of the Most Holy Trinity
  • 5th June – St Boniface
  • 5th to 11th June – Garden Wildlife Week (info)
  • 5th to 11th June – Carers Week (info)
  • 5th June – World Environment Day (info)
  • 8th June – World Oceans Day (info)
  • 9th June – St Ephraem
  • 9th June – St Columba
  • 11th June – Feast of Corpus Christi

Theme for the week – Our Place in the Universe

The sun is so large that if it were hollow, it could contain more than a million worlds of the size of our earth. There are stars in space so large that they could easily hold 500 million suns the size of ours.

Stop and think for a moment how small we are in the universe.

Yet we can read in the bible that God has written the name of each of us on the palm of his hand.

Lord God, Creator of light, at the rising of the sun each morning let the greatest of all lights, your love, rise like the sun within my heart.


(Armenian Liturgy)


Lord, our God and King,

Your greatness is seen throughout the earth.

When I gaze at the heavens which your fingers have formed,

and look at the moon and the stars which you have set there,

I realise how small we are in the majesty of your creation.

Yet you treasure us above all that you have made,

and you give us control over all the works of your hand –

animals both wild and tame, birds in the air and the creatures of the sea.

Lord God and King, our greatness seen throughout the earth.


(Adapted from Psalm 8)


God our Father,

Amidst the vastness of space you treasure mankind and you call each of us by name.

You so love our world that, in the fullness of time, you sent Jesus your Son, to live among us.

Inspire us each day to live in wonder and appreciation of all that is around us.

May your love, seen fully in Jesus, your son, surround us this day and forever. Amen   


(Nicholas Hutchinson)


Lord, May we love and respect all of your creation, all the earth and every grain of sand in it.

May we love every leaf, every ray of your light.

May we love every living thing in your world, for we acknowledge that to withhold any measure of love from anything in your universe is to withhold that same measure of love from you.  Amen   




God our Father,

open our eyes that we may sense the wonder and the awe in the splendour of all your creation –

from the stars that are large and far away

to the people and the tiniest creatures near us each day.

Help us to become more aware of how every living thing is special

and to be treated well. Lead us to respect and value every person

as unique and important, and made in your image and likeness.

We ask this prayer through Jesus, who became a human being

because you love your world so much. Amen   


(Nicholas Hutchinson)

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Each morning an act of worship should be made. This can be led by yourself or a pupil and can be made up of prayers from this booklet,, or both.

Guidance on best practice for Morning Prayer can be found here.

A selection of Catholic Prayers to use in Morning Prayer can be found here.


Bishop Richard Challoner

During his lifetime and after his death, he was considered not only as a model of every virtue but as a saint. We are asked to pray that our Blessed Lord, through the Pope, may reward him further, by raising him to the altars of the Church as a Saint.

Prayer for the Beatification of Bishop Richard Challoner

O God who made your servant Richard,

a true and faithful pastor of your little flock in England,

raise him, we beseech you, to the altars of thy Church,

that we, who have been taught by his word and example

may invoke his name in heaven,

for the return of our country to belief in the Gospel,

and to the unity of all Christians in the one Church of Jesus Christ.

We ask this through the same Christ our Lord.


Bishop Richard Challoner

Pray for us