Morning Prayers

Autumn 2020 Week 4 - 28th Sept to 2nd October

Dates of Interest this week

  • 29th September – Feast of the Archangels (Michael, Gabriel & Raphael)
  • 30th September – Feast of St Jerome
  • 1st October – Feast of St Therese of the Child Jesus
  • 1st October – International Day for Older People
  • 2nd October – Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels
  • 2nd October – International Day of Non-Violence
  • 4th October – 27th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Theme for the week – Our Family

Gentle God,

grant that at home where we are most truly ourselves,

where we are known at our best and worst,

we may learn to forgive and be forgiven. Amen

(A New Zealand Prayer book)



Thank you God,

that you are tender as a mother, as well as strong as a father.

You give us life, and care for us like a mother who will not forsake her children.

We pray for our mothers today, putting them into your hands now and for eternity;

and we ask your blessing on all our relationships in the families of our homes, our churches, and our communities. Amen

(Angela Ashwin)



Oh God, our heavenly Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth is named: we entrust to your loving care the members of our families, both near and far.

Supply their needs; guide their footsteps; keep them in safety of body and soul; and may your peace rest upon our homes and upon our dear ones everywhere. Amen   

(Frank Colquhoun)



Pour your love on our family and on all those who give so much of themselves through their care for us. 

Help us to appreciate their gifts and their generosity in sharing them; help us to learn from them.

May we be able to help others and learn how much you love them through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen   

(Downside Abbey)



For my mother who raised me at her breast;

And for my father who raised me through his hard work;

I trust in the son of God when they enter his presence

That there will be a hundred thousand welcomes for them in the peace of heaven. Amen

(Traditional Irish Blessing)


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Each morning an act of worship should be made. This can be led by yourself or a pupil and can be made up of prayers from this booklet,, or both.

Guidance on best practice for Morning Prayer can be found here.

A selection of Catholic Prayers to use in Morning Prayer can be found here.



Bishop Richard Challoner

During his lifetime and after his death, he was considered not only as a model of every virtue but as a saint. We are asked to pray that our Blessed Lord, through the Pope, may reward him further, by raising him to the altars of the Church as a Saint.

Prayer for the Beatification of Bishop Richard Challoner

O God who made your servant Richard,

a true and faithful pastor of your little flock in England,

raise him, we beseech you, to the altars of thy Church,

that we, who have been taught by his word and example

may invoke his name in heaven,

for the return of our country to belief in the Gospel,

and to the unity of all Christians in the one Church of Jesus Christ.

We ask this through the same Christ our Lord.


Bishop Richard Challoner

Pray for us