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5 Causes For Sainthood You Need To Know About

"We are all called to sainthood, aren’t we? But somehow, when reading about the saints, we can easily feel distant, different from these great figures who experienced hardships, fought against oppression, founded religious communities, endured torture for the Name of Jesus, and even died for their faith. Their stories inspire us with awe in the face of their moral and spiritual beauty. They also strengthen our faith through their witness because no one would go through so much for a God Who is not real, loving, and merciful.

However, we must remember that all saints in heaven were once sinners and that their lives started just as any other, just as yours and mine. God called them to live ordinary or extraordinary lives, to give Him their all by becoming priests, educators, missionaries, or doctors; by traveling to faraway lands to help the poor and the sick, or staying in their hometown being light in people’s lives; by giving their lives in martyrdom or growing old in a community that needed them. They bore their crosses through their journey, realizing with every step that it was not them but Him, who could transform a sinner into a saint, who could make all things new."

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Question to ponder: Which of the stories do you find most interesting?

Photo by Viktor Talashuk on Unsplash