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Corpus Christi - The Body & Blood of Christ

Two reflections to help us think and understand this holy feast

From Holy Art - a exploration of the feast's history and how it is observed around the world:

"The reasons for the success and devotional importance of the feast of Corpus Christi are easy to understand if we stop to think about what it celebrates. The Corpus Christi, or the Body of the Lord, more properly called Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, recalls precisely the real presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. As we know, the Eucharist is for Catholics the ritual moment in which the bread and wine offered by the priest who celebrates the Mass become in all and for all the Body and Blood of Christ, through the work of the Holy Spirit. In this miracle, which returns to being real at every celebration, the sacrifice of Jesus is renewed, his offering himself entirely to the apostles at the Last Supper and in general to those who followed him."

From CAFOD - a reflection on the spiritual significance of the feast:

"At Corpus Christi Francis Stewart from our Theology team reflects on the Eucharist and how we are what we eat.

The feast of Corpus Christi, or The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, was a local celebration in Liège (now Belgium) until 1230, when St Julienne de Cornillon brought to Pope Urban IV the news of a vision she had of a bleeding Eucharistic host. From then on it became a celebration for the whole Church of the real presence of Christ’s body and blood in the Eucharist."

Please to Holy Art and CAFOD to read the full articles. 

Question to ponder: What have you learnt about the feast's importance?

Photo by Eric Mok on Unsplash