Richard Challoner School

Have you let God find you today?

"As youth and young adult ministers in various capacities over the past 15 years, my husband and I have had the great joy of mentoring many hearts through one-on-one discipleship and faith studies, and through leading them in worship through music. Over the years, we have noticed a recurring language in the Christian world when speaking of one's spiritual journey. People are often described as “searching for God” or as “finally having found God”. Though this way of looking at someone's spiritual life is true in many ways, it can be problematic because it can lead us to believe that our God is a distant and disinterested God. The idea that we are the ones that have to “find God” can make it sound as if God is aloof to our need for Him and only turns to us once we have spent a certain amount of effort to locate His whereabouts and tap Him on the shoulder."

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Image by Jackson David from Pixabay