Richard Challoner School

Helping Teens with Mental Health

"So, where do we begin? One of the greatest things we can do for teens and those struggling with mental health is model that health to others. We can ask first: how am I doing? Am I pausing for prayer/quiet time/ lunch/exercise/fun? When we take the time to check in with ourselves, we model this pursuit of mental health for those around us.

It’s key for all of us to do our work and seek out the help and healing we need. As Youth Ministers and someone who is helping others, we also need to care for our mental well being and have the tools and support necessary for our lives. This might mean having our own therapist, counselor, and good support on hand. Pausing and finding our own well being important allows us to pick up the tools God has given us and share those with others in need."

Please head over to Lifeteen to read Adam's full post. 

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay