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How I’m Living Out Pope Francis’ Fratelli Tutti In 2021

"Fratelli Tutti is the latest encyclical of Pope Francis. Fratelli Tutti draws its name from the “Admonitions” of St. Francis of Assisi who reminded his friars that all men are brothers in being created by the same Creator. As human beings, men and women are brothers and sisters, by nature. 

An encyclical is a circular letter that the Pope writes to the whole Church. In the case of Fratelli Tutti, the audience is broader than the Church and extends to each man and woman, each nation, and each community. In this, it reads very differently from previous encyclicals. Whereas most encyclicals focus on a catechetical topic or a evangelistic presentation of the Gospel, Fratelli Tutti is what I would call “pre-evangelization.” It is a “Social Encyclical” that is focused on fraternity and social friendship."

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Image by Annett_Klingner from Pixabay