Richard Challoner School

Learning to Lament

"I’m sure many of us would call 2020 an absolute dud- our world is going through a pandemic that has weakened many countries’ economies, and many underlying injustices and flaws in our society have been uncovered throughout the year. It has been extremely difficult for many of us to find anything to be optimistic about, and we know that life as we know it is not quite going to be the same again. One also can’t help but also wonder: where has God been in all of this?

The simple answer is: He’s here and always has been. He’s right by our sides as we try to make sense of all that’s happening around us. But I’m quite sure, dear reader, that your next question would be: “If you say God is right by my side, then why haven’t I felt His presence this year? I’ve been praying but it feels like He’s ignoring me or nothing is happening – what do I do now?"

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Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay