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Pope Francis' Prayer Intention for January - Religiously Persecuted

"Two out of three people suffer persecution because of their faith: “This is unacceptable!” says Pope Francis

  • This video inaugurates the seventh year of Pope Video: a global initiative that promulgates the prayer intentions that Pope Francis entrusts to the entire Catholic Church through the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network.
  • Francis dedicates his first prayer message of 2022 to combatting religious discrimination and persecution. He reminds us that religious freedom is not limited to freedom of worship; rather, it is tied to fraternity.
  • Indicating fraternity as the path to follow, the Pope invites us to value other people’s differences and to recognize, before all else, the dignity each and every person has as a human being."

Please head over to Pope's Prayer Network to read the full post and watch the video. 

Image by Eveline de Bruin from Pixabay