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Pope Francis’ Prayer Intention for September - People Living on the Margins

"Pope Francis requests prayer and action for those “living on the margins of society”

  • In The Pope Video for the month of September, Pope Francis asks us to pray “for those people who live on the margins of society in subhuman living conditions, that they may not be neglected by institutions and never be cast out.”
  • Pope Francis asks, “How is it that we allow the ‘throwaway culture,’ in which millions of men and women are worth nothing compared to economic godos, to dominate our lives?”
  • “Please,” the Pope implores, “let’s stop making invisible those who are on the margins of society, whether it’s due to poverty, addictions, mental illness or disability.”

Please head over to Pope Video to read the article and watch the video

Question to ponder: How can you be more aware of those living in the margins in your area?

Photo by Steve Mushero on Unsplash