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Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry

Maria Cintorino posts on BustedHalo with a refection of things we can learn from Padre Pio

"Padre Pio was one of my favorite saints growing up. Although I was initially enamored by his gifts of bilocation, stigmata, and the ability to read the hearts and minds of those who came to him, there was something else unexplainable which drew me to him. As I grew older, my admiration for this Capuchin friar deepened as I became immersed in the spiritual treasury of wisdom he left behind. Throughout the years, Padre Pio always reemerged with some practical advice on living the Christian life, whether it be reminding me not to worry when having to suddenly move, or to pray to my guardian angel. Here are some lessons Padre Pio has taught me over the years:"

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Photo by Karl Raymund Catabas on Unsplash