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Prayer to the Virgin Mary to End Coronavirus

"After his catechesis on the theme of prayer, Pope Francis reminded the Faithful that “the day after tomorrow, Friday, May 8 the feast of Our Lady of Lujan will be celebrated in Argentina” & “at the Shrine of Pompeii, an intense prayer will be elevated – the ‘Supplication to Our Lady of the Rosary.'”

“May she, Mother of God and our Mother intercede for us and obtain for us from Her Son the necessary graces in this difficult time that the world is going through.”

He called on all Catholics to say a prayer to Mary on the 8th, and entrust ourselves to her.

“I exhort all to unite themselves spiritually to this popular act of faith and devotion, so that through the intercession of the Holy Virgin, the Lord may grant mercy and peace to the Church and to the whole. I exhort you to entrusts yourselves to Her, who was given to us as Mother under the Cross."

Please head over to uCatholic to read the full post.

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Image by José Manuel de Laá from Pixabay