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Praying the Litany of Humility

"it’s been a few months so far, but we are still early into 2021. Perhaps right now we all have a pretty good idea about how well we will actually stick to those resolutions we made as we move further into the year. Some of us are right on track while others are struggling and might be ready to throw in the towel at this point. Either way, to recognize and be grateful for legitimate success or to admit defeat at a goal (or a list) that ended up being too lofty takes a bit of humility. Maybe your goal was to grow in humility. We can all agree that the virtue of humility is something we as Christians should each be working on regardless of what time we are in the year, and there is a good devotion that could help us in this most worthy of tasks – the Litany of Humility. This devotion has been in my prayer tool belt for a number of years now, and while I am still very much a working progress it has helped me target those little actions and thoughts each day that I normally missed and which stunted my soul in the past while trying to develop not only humility but all other virtues as well. It has definitely given me chaff to burn in the fire of confession! Along these past years this devotion has continually made my soul open to the Holy Spirit’s work in my life, and He provided insight into my areas of needed growth and conversion. While there are many things the Third Person of the Trinity as gotten me to learn, I wanted to provide 7 of them here and suggest this devotion to all of you so that the Spirit might do the same for you especially since Lent is now not too far beyond the horizon."

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Image by Petra Bajusová from Pixabay