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St. Columba’s 1,500-year-old legacy includes this new Scottish Catholic pilgrimage

"Catholic pilgrims have again returned to Iona, the coastal island where St. Columba launched the evangelization of Scotland more than 1,400 years ago. 

Sixty people walked for dozens of miles from June 11 to 13 to pray for Scotland, for spiritual renewal amid the pandemic, and to return a relic of the missionary Irish saint to the site of his deeply influential monastic community.

“The route taken involved blistering winds and rain, and some scorching sun,” pilgrimage director Jamie McGowan told CNA June 15. “We also had to wade through a few bogs. But the beauty of that was knowing that such conditions were the conditions that St. Columba himself would have faced when preaching the Gospel to the surrounding islands.”"

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Photo by Lynda B on Unsplash