Richard Challoner School

The Heart of Mercy in the midst of COVID

"The image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus has been touching hearts for centuries. It is a sign of the deep, personal, everlasting love of God for us. It is the image of Jesus who loves us to the end: even to the point of dying on the Cross. God’s love goes to any lengths to reach us, to touch our hearts, to bring us back to Himself. He is the Father who waits longingly for the prodigal son to return at last. He does not hold grudges, He is not resentful, and He never disappoints. His love is what truly satisfies us. It is what allows us to love others as He loves us: generously, selflessly, faithful till the end. If we listen to God’s heartbeat, it tells us: “I love you,” “I forgive you,” “You are mine,” “I am with you always,” “Trust in me.” God’s mercy frees and heals us. He allows us to forgive one another and see each other with eyes of love."

Please head to Salt&LightTV to read Julian's full reflection. 

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Image by Queven from Pixabay