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The Saints Show Us How Stewardship Starts With Wonder

"I am impressed every time my child spots a dandelion and plucks it as if something truly magnificent has captured his attention. This kind of wonder seems to fade as we get older. So I have always been interested in how the saints were able to not just maintain this sense of awe but also express their sense of wonder in such beautiful and poetic ways.

They could be in nature with a sense of the sacred. St. John Paul II noticed this in St. Francis: “In contemplating nature, when Francis discovers that everything speaks to him of God, his eyes are filled with joy and he exclaims in the Canticle of Brother Sun: everything “… from you Most High, bears significance.” Saints like Francis had a capacity for wonder that was tied to their sense of stewardship. This stewardship drew out of an appreciation of the good and love of God and neighbor."

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Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash