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Why Do We "Practice" the Faith?

"Practice" as an action has two senses. The first is to "perform" or "carry out" in a habitual way, as, for example, a doctor practices medicine or a generous person practices charity. The second is to "train" or "prepare," as, for example, athletes practice for a game or musicians practice for a concert.

Typically, we use "practice the faith" in the first sense. We carry out the essential features of Catholicism: attend Mass, pray, keep the Commandments, perform acts of charity, go to Confession, fast, and donate money to support the Church. These "practices" illustrate the ongoing nature of Catholic life: we are never at rest, even when sitting for hours in quiet meditation. "Being Catholic" is not merely a state of being; it requires action—it requires practice."

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Question to ponder: How do you 'practice' your faith?

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash