Richard Challoner School

Why I remain a Catholic

"I am, admittedly, a ‘cradle Catholic,’ who has experienced times of great closeness to the faith, and other times when I wandered, like a dog, who suddenly finds itself outside its familiar fence, and is anxious to sniff out what the world outside might be like.  I searched for something outside, but always wandered back to the Sacraments, the only place I have ever found spiritual nourishment, the place where I always found my spot at the table of plenty.  I realized, eventually, that I did not need to look outside my faith, rather, I needed to know more about it.  I needed to develop an intimacy with my faith, just as I had cultivated an intimacy with my God.  So, I returned to graduate school for a master’s in theology, where I would begin to learn the truths of the faith, and the truths about me."

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Image by James Chan from Pixabay