Design and Technology

DT Teachers

  • Mrs C Owen (Subject Leader)
  • Mr N Henderson
  • Mr A Norton
  • Mr R Stansbridge

A vision for Design & Technology

In Design and Technology at Richard Challoner, we are committed to providing a curriculum that nurtures student’s creativity and design skills. We aim to develop the autonomous problem solvers of the future, who are resilient when they face challenges. Our proactive approach aims to challenge students, both inside and outside the classroom.

We aim to support students in their understanding and appreciation of real-world DT issues, for example, the understanding and implications of sustainable products in contemporary society. Our objective is to provide a safe space where students can air their views and ask questions. Our intention is to provide our students with an awareness of designers and new/iconic products, with a focus on their relevance to society. DT has very close links with STEM subjects, which, we aim to highlight to students and foster skills/knowledge of these subjects in our units of work. Through our teaching we strive to teach transferable life skills in a variety of ideas i.e. using initiative, being organised, good teamwork, being innovative.

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Teachers of KS3: Mrs C Owen, Mr A Norton and Mr R Stansbridge.

Year 7

Sketch Book Focus: Alessi Company

Manufacturing: Systems and Control. Electronic Doorbell.

  • Basic systems.
  • Soldering.
  • Electronic components and circuits.
  • Use of Vacuum forming, Pillar Drill and Jigs.

Design development: Designing with Polymers

  • Design Styles.
  • Exploration of Plastics using laser cutting and Adhesives.
  • 2D Design.
  • Inspiration: Alessi

Real world design 1: Gears and Levers.

  • Ranges of motion
  • Transfer of motion
  • Names and classifications of different types of motion, gears, levers and cams.

Real world design 2: Engineering Day – 1 whole day of design challenges.

  • Teamwork
  • Careers
  • Problem solving
  • Creative thinking

Year 8

Sketch Book Focus: Ini Archibong

Manufacturing: Metal manufacturing – varied processes. Candle holder.

  • Brazing.
  • Annealing.
  • Dip Coating.
  • Hollowing.

Design development: Designing through sketching & prototypes.

  • Biomimicry design.
  • Iterative Design.
  • Aerodynamics.
  • Prototype development.
  • Design and development.

Real world design: Computer controller re-design

  • Smart Materials.
  • Google SketchUp.
  • CAD/CAM.
  • Social, moral and ethical issues
  • Inspiration: Apple Company.

Year 9

Sketch Book Focus: Philippe Starck

Manufacturing: Manufacturing using Timber.

  • Timber Joints.
  • Staining.
  • Routing.
  • Gantt Chart – Planning
  • Adhesives.

Design development: Designing using Pewter casting

  • 2D Design
  • Cultural design.
  • User focus design.
  • Casting.
  • Design development.
  • Production lines.

Real world design: Iterative design: Designing with Technology

  • Team work.
  • Problem solving.
  • Iterative ideas.
  • Innovation.
  • Reflection and Evaluation.