Richard Challoner School


KS3 and KS4 PSHE Overview

Strands are colour coded - some lesson titles will cover several different strands (best fit).

Where applicable the Tutor rotations allow flexibility to adapt within year to meet current needs, allow staff/pupils to form increased and stronger relationships and to allow staff to teach a more specialist topic.

The school Careers officer will lead/assist with certain sessions.

Outside agencies and the school nurses are used in the delivery of certain topics. Outside speakers and specialist productions are booked when appropriate/available.

Several weeks are left blank for each year group to allow some flexibility.

Personal/Living in the Wider World Wellbeing and Health Relationships Economic/Careers Study Skills


Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
Getting to know your form (Student Profile) About You Mindfulness 1 Welcome to KS4/GCSEs (good work habits) Year 11 timeline and next steps
Organisation - Preparation for the school day and homework (good habits) The use of technology appropriately Mindfulness 2 Study Skills Assembly Mental Health
Expectations and presentation of work Grooming Mindfulness 3 Study Skills - overview PowerPoint Mental Health - Strategies
Friendships Emotional Intelligence 1 Mindfulness 4 Study Skills - Putting into practice Wellbeing - Coping with change
Peer Pressure & Bullying Emotional Intelligence 2 Mindfulness 5 Study Skills - Sharing practice Apprenticeships
Cyber bullying / Social Media Reconciliation in Relationships Relationship Education - Appropriate use of technology Wellbeing - Overview perceptions of MH Careers
Internet Safety The concepts of sexual identity, gender identity and sexual orientation Relationship Education - Follow up appropriate use of technology Wellbeing (Food & Nutrition) Careers
Term 1 ATL review Term 1 ATL review

Term 1 ATL review

Termly reflection

Wellbeing (Stress) Careers
Disability Awareness Dragons Den - Design and Preparation 1 (Climate Change) Christmas Fair - Aims and Ideas Charity Research Wellbeing (Importance of Exercise) Careers - 6th Form Talk
Disability Awareness Dragons Den - Design and Preparation 2 (Market Research) Christmas Fair - Budgeting and Planning Initial Ideas Wellbeing (Mindfulness) Radicalisation
Healthy Balanced Lifestyle Dragons Den - Design and Preparation 3 Christmas Fair - Create Resources Wellbeing (Aerobics) Revision Planning
Human Reproduction Dragons Den - Form Presentation Christmas Fair Wellbeing (Volunteering) Study Skills
Gestation and Birth Dragons Den - Final Presentation Christmas Fair - Reflection Making Good Judgments Revision Session
Christmas Activity Christmas Activity Christmas Quiz Dangers of Alcohol Mocks
Personal Hygiene Introduction to Careers

Termly Reflection / ATL Numbers

County Lines

Nothing In Life is Free

Drug Awareness Mock Results
Strategies of Negotiating and Expectations Careers

Relationship Education - Body Image

Relationship Education - Pornography

Drug Awareness Personal Finance
Discrimination and Our Responsibilities Careers Year 9 Virtual Holocaust Memorial Day Drug Awareness Personal Finance
Dealing with Stress Careers Relationship Education - Consent Drug Awareness Personal Finance
Mindfulness Techniques Sons to Work Review Relationship Education - Teenage Pregnancy and Contraception Gambling Personal Finance
Independent Learning Tutor Rotation 1 - Mental Health Cascaid 1 - Person Skills Careers - About You Study Skills
Independent Learning Tutor Rotation 2 - Resilience Cascaid 2 - Fact Finding Careers - New Kudos Study Skills
Revision Timetable Tutor Rotation 3 - Knife Crime Cascaid 3 - Pathways and Feasibility Careers - Research Future Pathways Study Skills
Study Skills - Mind Maps Tutor Rotation 4 - The concepts of sexual identity, gender identity and sexual orientation Cascaid 4 - Year 10 Options Careers - Future Pathways - Scenarios Revision
Study Skills - Mnemonics and Flash Cards Tutor Rotation 5 Digital Footprint / Daily Stress / Resilience / Time-Keeping / Time to Change (Mental Health) Relationship Education Revision
Revision Session Tutor Rotation 6 Revision Session Relationship Education Drug Awareness / Alcohol
Year 7 Exams Introduction to Rough Sleep Year 9 Exams Relationship Education Risky Behaviour / Consent
Tutor Rotation 1 Rough Sleep Tutor Rotation 1 Study Skills Finance / Gambling
Tutor Rotation 2 Rough Sleep Tutor Rotation 2 Revision Planning  
Tutor Rotation 3 Revision Skills Tutor Rotation 3 Revision Session  
Tutor Rotation 4 Revision Session Tutor Rotation 4 Revision Session  
Camp Year 8 Exams   Year 10 Mocks  
Tutor Rotation 5 Crime Consequences / The Law and Legal Systems Tutor Rotation 5 Bank Accounts / Mortgages Household Budgeting  
Tutor Rotation 6 Legal and Illegal Drugs Tutor Rotation 6 Budget Game  
Sports Day Planning
Activities Day