Current Provision

The school is required to publish details of its School Offer to compliment the Kingston LA Local Offer.

Below are details of our current school offer:

Cognition and Learning Needs Communication and Interaction Needs Sensory and/or Physical Needs Social Emotional and Mental Health Needs
Literacy Progress Units Lunch/Breaktime Haven KS3 Gymnastics Programme Newman Centre SRP Access
Learning Support Reading Programme ASD Lunch Club HI Advisory Teacher Emotional Literacy Support
Phonics Programme LSA Mentoring VI Advisory Teacher Social Skills
English Department Reading Programme Relationships Group Physical Support Programme Summer School
Catch-up Maths Sessions Anxiety Management Fitness Centre Therapy EP Consultation
Homework Club Social Skills (ASD)    
Pre-Vocabulary Teaching      
KS4 Option Support      
Speech and Language Therapy      
Learning Support Mentoring (SEN Support and EHCPs)
Progress Diary
1:1 or Small Group Support