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1. Joining Richard Challoner with SEND

Richard Challoner School understands the journey all parents have when deciding their child's next school. With so many factors and pressures on parents, it is understandable that the process and pathways can become overwhelming when joining a new school. However, we want to reassure all parents from the outset that we are here to help, guide them, providing concise and easy to understand information to help them make the best and most informed decisions for their children. 

If a child currently has an EHCP and is in year 4 or 5, we recommend that parents sign up for our SEND Tour to see all about the provision at Richard Challoner school physically. The tour lasting for about an hour will consist of all the significant parts of the school and the Learning Support Department. At the end of the tour, parents will get the opportunity to ask any questions relating to what the school does to support all students.

Please book your place on our SEND Tour here

Frequently Asked SEND Tour Questions 2023/24

Please see above many of the questions that are asked at the 'end of Tour' Q&A.

Whilst much of our work supports those students with an Educational Health & Care Plan (EHC), we continue to provide support and expertise to those students with any additional needs throughout the school. More information about what we provide for non-EHCP students is on our Learning Support page. 

Starting at Richard Challoner does not always mean day one of Year 7. Once a child's place is confirmed, The Richard Challoner SEND team will be in touch to arrange the first visit whilst they are in year 6. All students who need a supported transition, offering a range of opportunities to get to know their new school. 

SEND Afternoon 1/2 - (June)

The first afternoon is for both parent and child and will take place in the Learning Support Department. After a few introductions, the boys will be split into a few groups and then, supported by our team of LSAs, start a fun and challenging scavenger hunt around the school. Over this time, parents will receive a short and informal talk about life at Richard Challoner. More importantly, an opportunity to ask any questions regarding what to expect from the school. 

SEND Afternoon 2/2 - (June)

The second visit will be to build on their independence. They will spend the afternoon with the team, playing games and getting to know each other with a range of well-structured activities around the school. 

Induction Day - (July)

Open to all new starters to the school. The first whole day at Richard Challoner school. The opportunity to start making lifelong friends and getting to know many of their new teachers and support staff who will be working with them for the next several years. With a Music and Drama showcase with lots of sport, it is a fun-packed day anchored around time spent getting to know each other in form groups.

Learning Support Summer Camp - (August)

In the past, this opportunity has enabled new students to ease into their new life at Richard Challoner School before the school term begins. 

For 2 - 4 days with support staff and teaching staff will lead on several practical activities in many of our specialist facilities on-site. Previously, we have offered activities in food technology, art, Drama and physical education, and a range of other curriculum areas.

The apparent advantage to running these taster days at this time is that new students can begin to get comfortable with the school surroundings without the added anxiety of moving around a much 'fuller' school, as will be the case the following week in the first week of term. The camp will also be offered to a select number of boys in years 8 and 9, who remember the tough transfer to secondary very well, but will also offer their help and support as a buddy.

Due to the global pandemic, we have had to adapt to the usual way we have shared information and ensured new students had as much information before joining us. 

Whilst not as essential as it was, please do take some time to view our "New Starter Video" this does give you a friendly and informal understanding of much of what we do. 

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