Richard Challoner School

8. Identification Of Needs

In line with the SEND Code of Practice (2014), the school continues to review and hold assessments of pupils with Special Educational needs. In addition, all students with a SEND Profile (EHCP / SEN Support Level) have a digital SEND Learning Plan. 

Examples and details regarding SEND Learning plan can be found in section 2.1 Communicating progress. The SEND Learning Plan created and managed by the Learning Support Mentor will review all outcomes with a numbered grading system against specific success criteria

In addition to specific feedback against outcomes, Learning Support Department will gain parental feedback across the year as well as the views of the young person. Once all information has been collated, the learning mentor will compose a summary to finalise the review process. This completed document is then shared with the students and parents on Cloudschool. 

The SEND and Learning Support team actively review and assess the impact of all interventions regularly. This helps us keep our interventions relevant and ensure that progress is being made, however small.

Teaching Staff, Learning Support Assistants, and the SENCO must ensure that our ‘Learning Support Register’, ‘Student Passport’ and ‘SEND Learning Plans’ are relevant and up to date.  

Special Educational Needs are identified using a graduated response approach below: