Richard Challoner School

2.1 Communicating Progress

Over the last few years, the Learning Support department has been busy working and developing its tracking and reporting system. Whilst we continue to welcome feedback, we have now, for the last year, offered a considerable jump in the consistency and regularity of our input for not only interventions, but SEND mentoring. 

All students with an EHCP or on the Learning Support register as SEND Support will be given a Learning Support Mentor. This staff member will most likely be a Learning Support Assistant present in some students lessons. However, this isn't always the case. For example, the student might not need academic support in the lesson, or the staff member supports other classes. The mentor will build a relationship over the year and meet with the mentee regularly as often as every day. The mentor ideally will set a regular time to meet to discuss how they are getting on. 

Initially, when the mentor is assigned a student, they will take some time to get to know the student and all the information belonging to the student. Then, they will investigate the ' Learning Picture ' such as primary school reports, professional reports, medical, diagnosis, and anything to help form an understanding. This is then taken in conjunction with what they know and have witnessed.

The mentor will then (in year 7) build the students 'Pupil Profile'. This profile holds Student Passport, SEND Learning Plan, Provisions List, and SEND Documentation. 


Student Passport 

This would be the first document created on behalf of the student by the mentor. This describes all about the student in easy to understand and familiar language, Hobbies, interests, what helps in a lesson, what I can do for myself. The Student Passport updates regularly through the year as changes happen. 


SEND Learning Plan 

The main focus of our mentees, and a central place to hold our EHCP outcomes within the classroom. Every half-term, the mentors will review the SEND Plan, offering an insight into how the year progresses. The SEND Learning Plan links together all staff, interventions and strategies being used to support students. 

Please take some time to view our example documents below, including our Review Timeline.

Review Timeline 

Student Passport 

SEND Learning Plan 

Provision Report Example